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How it all started ...

In the dictionary we read that ‘άλμα’ in Greek means jump, the movement of a human or animal that at once is in the air and passes over an obstacle or reaches a position higher than the original or travels a relatively long distance, as well as metaphorically spectacular progress. In many Latin languages ​​(Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) ‘alma’ means soul. The combination of these two concepts refers to the mental uplift that the theatre offers, both to the actors in a performance and to the spectators. The letter ‘λ’ (lambda) finally symbolizes in French the average person, to whom we believe that the theatre is addressed and whom it expresses.

Who we are...

"Soul" of the group are the directors Chrysa BALTZAKI and Kyprianos MOUTEVELIS


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In addition to his law studies, Kyprianos studied fashion design, make-up and styling.
He has previously participated in theatrical performances in Thessaloniki (1990-2000).
He started working in the theatrical events of Brussels in 2014, participating in the theatre group "THESPIS" (make-up, costumes, actor).

He also participated in the improvisation seminar ‘Improvibe’ with Menelaos Prokos (Brussels, January 2015)

He participated as Make-up Director at a fashion show in Brussels organized by ‘Discovering Network’ and ‘Make a Wish’ (December 2015) and as Art Director at the Taki Kay exhibition - digital photography (Brussels, November 2016)

He then attended the Masterclass "Analysis of the text and its application in theatrical education and practice" with Andreas Manolikakis - President of the Postgraduate Program of Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University, New York (Athens January 2019).

In the meantime, he attended the intensive summer courses at NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association, UK)

“Stage Management "(England, July 2018) and" Set Building and Props Making "(England, July 2019).


In addition to directing, Kyprianos is the artistic director of ΑλΜΑ and is responsible for the set, make-up, costumes

and lighting design.


Chrysa has loved theatre since she was little.

With her participation in the acting seminar for amateur actors of Gerasimos Skiadaresis (Brussels, May 2017) and the attendance of

some improvisation courses, her love for theatre began to turn intoa practical engagement with the ΑλΜΑ group.

She then attended many theatrical seminars and courses, with particularly important experiences, the participation for two years in the Masterclass "Analysis of the text and its application in

Who we are-Gold_jpeg.jpg

theatrical education and practice" with Andreas Manoliakis -president of the Master's Programme of actors Studio Drama School at Pace University, New York (Athens, January 2018 and January 2019) and intensive summer courses at NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association, UK) :

"Directing – from Page to Stage" with professor Julia Locascio (England, July 2018) – and

"Acting technique" with Professor Tom Hughes (England, July 2019).


Chrysa and Kyprianos are also responsible for the design and final poster/programme/trailer/translation/surtitle product, with the help of ΑλΜΑ members where necessary.

What we do...

The purpose of our team is twofold: theatrical "proposal" for the public, theatrical "game" for for the members of the group.


Our ambition is to propose to the public new plays, which are presented for the first time in Brussels, or even older plays, but always with a modern, fresh perspective. At the same time, each show marks the completion of a "journey" full of passion, imagination and a lot of teamwork. The rehearsal process includes - in addition to the established text analysis, the learning of roles and the setting up of the show - theatrical exercises and games, moments of creative meetings, research, relaxation and joy.

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The ultimate goal is the theatrical enjoyment for both the audience and the group itself.

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