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2023 Online Panhellenic Festival
Satire of Amateur Troupes

The Pan-Hellenic Satire Festival of Amateur Troupes "Momos" which is organized every year by the Amateur Scheme "Refene" in collaboration with the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Patras "Carnival of Patras" and the Region of Western Greece under the auspices of the Society of Greek Writers in the context of Patra carnival, organized from 2021 and online. ALMA participated for the first year in the   Festival of 2023 with a ten-minute excerpt from Arkas' "Life in Low Flights mode."("Life After")  and received the following distinctions:

  • Best Actor Award (Christos Aivaliotis)

  • Costume Award (Kyprianos Moutevelis)

  • Scenery Award (Kyprianos Moutevelis)

  • 5th best show

Detailed information about the participants and their activities, as well as the results of the online part of the competition have been posted at online platform of the Patrine Carnival.

2022 – 10th Panhellenic Festival
Amateur Theater of Ierapetra 

"Life in low-flight mode":

  • 3rd prize for the best  show

  • Costume Design Award (Kyprianos Moutevelis)

  • Praise of Interpretation  (Christos Aivaliotis)

Aristeion 2020.jpg

Excellence from the Hellenic Community of Brussels

2019 – 9th Panhellenic Festival
​Amateur Theater of Ierapetra 

 "Every Brilliant Thing":

  • Special interactive monologue award

  • Poster Award

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