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Life In Low Flight Mode

ΑλΜΑ Theatre Group presented on 10, 11, 12 and 13 February 2022,

for the first time in Brussels, the play
"Life In Low Flight Mode"
by Arkas, in a theatrical composition by Dimitris Agoras.

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Lifer and Montecristo, the sparrows, Lucretia and Castrato, the Angel, the Deadman, the Devil

and the girls at the hair-salon, along with the other beloved characters of Arkas,

jumped out of the pages of his comic books and came to life on the stage of de Lijsterbes,

offering the audience plenty of laughter!

Creative team


Directed by:            Chrysa Baltzaki- Kyprianos Moutevelis

Set-Costume-Makeup:                        Kyprianos Moutevelis


Christos Aivaliotis, Smaro Gaitana, Fotini Gavali, Eirini Digka, Christos Drouvis, Apostolos Ioakeimidis, Vicky Karkani, Kostas Keramaris, Marina Koukoulanaki, Stamatis Kythraiotis, Christina Lambri-Gaitana, Alexis Megalos, Kyprianos Moutevelis, Spyros Mylonas, Maria Papoulia, Eleni Pechlivanidou, Apostolos Sarantidis, Konstantina Slakoni, Yolanda Stoumpou, Giorgos Fotinidis-Rethemiotakis  and presenting Loukas Xenakis

Original Music - Sound Editing:            The Kraken Studio

Stage Manager:                                           Elena Antoniadou

Translation:       Kyprianos Moutevelis - Chrysa Baltzaki -                                                               Corina Hamilton-Fowle

Surtitles:                                                              Emilia Kitsiou

Poster:                                                             Fotis Dorkofykis

Program photos:                                  Marina Koukoulanaki

Box Office:                 Spyros Mylonas, Elena-Maria Drouvi

More info...

Arkas (from the GreekWikipedia)

Arkas is Greek  cartoonist and writer. It started in his early twenties'80posting series The Rooster in magazine Babel and then to Despite Five and in Little Para Five. His work mainly consists of series with a specific theme - protagonists published in magazines and newspapers and then collected in albums.


From the works of Lifer a puppet series has been made for Greek television by Manthos Santorinios. His works have been translated into other languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Serbian and Bulgarian), and he has also written plays.

The real name of the author in question is unknown to us, as he has not revealed it, while the names Antonis Eudaimons and Gerasimos Spanodimitris that he has used in his works are considered pseudonyms. Also, the name Aris Kastrinos has been suggested (from which AR-KAS supposedly comes), while some claim that the author signs as Arkas because he simply comes from Arcadia.

Directors note


It's been more than two years since this show started its journey! And here we are at last on the stage of the theater - or at least so we hope, as we write you these lines!


Arkas' "Life After Low Flights" is full of the well-known humor - smart, caustic, unorthodox - which for 40 years has been delightfully demonstrating the bad texts of our society. Bringing some of Arca's beloved heroes to life on stage has long been a burning desire of our team. That is why we owe a big thank you to the initiator of this theatrical idea, Dimitris Agora, who allowed us to make this dream come true!


Forced cast changes after the long period of   compulsory confinement were inevitable. But even if Iulia, Giannoula, Stella, Antonia, Panos, George, Marios, Giannis and Nikos   are not with us on stage tonight, they will always be part of of those low flights we embarked on together. On the other hand, we had the pleasure to meet again with the rest of the beloved team members, as well as to welcome new faces, full of fun, talent and appetite for theatrical ALMAs!


Covid-19 may have made it very difficult for us, but it didn't manage to prevent us from enjoying creative moments throughout our journey and reaching that wonderful and magical "togetherness" that happens in a theater performance: Together with the actors on stage, together with the rest of the contributors behind the scenes, together especially with all of you, the audience, which justifies all the anxiety and effort!


So we dedicate this show to all of you, to our beloved team and to those who helped in various ways to complete this effort and especially to the bright star that beautifies our lives every day!

Chrysa - Kyprianos 

Part of the proceeds of the show was donated to the charity organization

"Panos & Chrysiida – Help for Children"



Snapshots from the show
Photos - Newsville
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