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World Theater Day 2023 -

Love in all forms

World Theater Day 2023:
Joint celebration by eight Greek theater groups in Belgium

Our group, participating in the celebration of World Theater Day organized  jointly by eight Greek theater groups of Brussels   on 25 and 26 March 2023 at the theater de Lijsterbes, presented a composition about love.


This is ALMA's second participation in the World Theater Day event.

In 2023 we chose to present a medley of well-known musicals and talk about a less prominent,

less "bright" side of love. The edited excerpts we presented:

  • "I could have danced all night" (My Fair Lady - 1956)

  • "Big Spender" (Sweet Charity - 1966)

  • "Mein Herr" (Cabaret - 1966)

  • "Seeräuber Jenny" (Die Dreigroschenoper / The opera of five - 1928)

Creative team

Directed by:               Kyprianos Moutevelis - Chrysa Baltzaki

Scenography-Styling-Makeup:             Kyprianos Moutevelis

Choreography:          Fotini Gavali - Alexandra Sarrigeorgiou

Music Director:                                               Christos Gakoudis

Piano and arrangement of pieces:             Andreas Mantzaris

Text:                                      Giorgos Foteinidis-Rethemiotakis

Lyrics in Greek for the songs "Big Spender" and "Mein Herr":                                                               Christos Aivaliotis



Conférencier:                      Giorgos Foteinidis-Rethemiotakis

Ensemble: Irena Achilleos, Irini Digka, Emilia Kitsiou, Sofia Koumarianou, Christina Lambri-Gaitana, Rania Neocleous, Alexandra Sarrigeorgiou, Konstantina Slakoni, Stella Strataki and Fotini Gavali

 'Mein Herr' :                                                          Emilia Kitsiou

'Jenny of the Pirates':                          Corina Hamilton-Fowle

More info...

Event press release​

The co-organizing theater groups

Press articles



Photo credit: Nyx Nick

Photo credit : Alex.Michailidis -

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