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The ALMA team presented the show with a double distribution
"The Little Pony" by Paco Bezerra.


A play dedicated to all children who have suffered insults and attacks,
without anyone from their environment doing anything to prevent them.

English subtitles.
Suitable for over 12 years.


 Christos Aivaliotis – Vicky Karkani                                                                     Alexis Megalos – Valia Panousi

         – Thursday 24/11                                                                                                        – Παρασκευή 25/11
         – Saturday 26/11                                                                                                         – Saturday 26/11
         – Sunday 27/11                                                                                                            – Sunday 27/11

A portion of the show's proceeds  went to Museum of Emotions for children and teenagers.

Our show "Eveery Brilliant Thing" was selected (among 32 nominations) and competed in the 9th Panhellenic Festival of Amateur Theatre of Ierapetra, held on 19 - 26 October 2019. "Every Brilliant Thing" was presented on the last day of the competition of the Festival and won two awards: a special performance award and a poster award.

Creative team

Directed by:                          Kyprianos Moutevelis - Chrysa Baltzaki

Make-up – Costumes – Sets:                           Kyprianos Moutevelis

Music:                                                                                  Vicky Karkani

Translation:                                                                Christos Aivaliotis

Poster – graphic design:                                             Fotis Dorkofykis

Stage Manager:                          Giorgos Foteinidis – Rethemiotakis

Stage assistants:            Maria Gkountouma, Spyros Mylonas, Sofia                                                                                                 Koumarianou


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